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Bright farm play 2

2015Cologne, Germany, wireless communications exhibition PMRExpo has beenin the November 24-26 in Cologne successfully concluded, Beijing SiyuanInternational Exhibition Co., Ltd. as the official agent of theexhibition in China, following the last show once again successfullyorganized 15 Chinese enterprises to go Germany to participate in this industry network industry event, theexhibition once again brought together a number of wirelesscommunications field world-renowned enterprises.

Range of exhibition:

Wireless intercom: wireless walkie - talkie, intercom systems,  andancillary components, production equipment, testing equipment, testequipment;

Spare parts and electronics: antenna, cable batteries, headphones,chips, software, microphone, charging, write frequency and otheraccessories; wireless communications related electronic parts;

Receiver and transmitter; technology: spectrum analyzer, integrated tester, network analyzer;

Communication: amateur communication, satellite communications,emergency communications, maritime ship radio, aerospace radio, radiobroadcasting equipment and accessories;

Positioning and testing: directional direction finding, global positioning equipment, test and measurement, outdoor related.


Show features:

Mainlyfrom the European region to attract professional buyers, and radiationfrom Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Eastern Europe and other places, as well asWest Asia and Africa, the audience, we can see the show'sprofessionalism and influence.