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Quality Communication Solution for Resort in Australia

ZASTONE successfully customized a set of digital communication system for Australia resort Palm House by connecting  the radio terminal wi hotel internal office.

Project Background

Located on the Palm Beach of Australia, Palm House is a vocational resort encountered with intercommunication problem as some of the staffs can not make a instantly reply after receiving call instructions. And normal radio communication will disturbing customers’ rest when providing servicing. Thus, a radio with double functions such as text function and instant connection can solve this problem. The radio should be able to submit correct instruction timely and soundlessly, and guarantee the instruction is saved and checked instantly in order to improve the management efficiency and service quality.

Customer Needs and Wants

Noted that ZASTONE dPMR commercial digital radio has the excellent voice communication and the data transmission function, the Palm House staffs contacted us and expressed their requirements as followings:

1. Clear voice in the communication range;

2. Digital signals and hold comprehensive functions for all call, group call, and individual call.

3. Improve management efficiency and customer satisfaction by customizing and developing wireless radio communication system with soundless instruction connection.


According to the Palm House requirements and the resort conditions,  we customized two sets of digital communication repeater systems, with each can hold 200 sets of terminals by dividing into several groups. The system also supports subsequently smooth expansion through individual call and group call, which are convenient for management and dispatching. Meanwhile, we also customized a wireless communication system with short message service and office e-mail system connected to the network. The system operator can send Chinese and English message through the office e-mail system with maximum 128 Chinese characters.  Staff can manually send short reply message after received the instruction.


ZASTONE digital radio communication system has been successfully put into used in the Palm House Resort. Our digital solutions were highly appreciated as the resort management efficiency improved. Customers satisfaction improved as having comfortable service and gain new experiences. 

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