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Application of ZASTONE RP600 Repeater System

ZASTONE successfully collaborated with Jishou University by covering the campus with RP600 repeater system, which combines with GPS function to achieve unified dispatching management and ensure the campus safety.

Project Background

The number of university student enrollment was expanding since the reform of higher education. Previous campus can no longer accommodates more students with increasing needs of space. New campus were built in the nearby space or in the suburbs due to limit space of original campus. Currently, most of universities have 2 or 3, or even more campuses in the same city. Some have new campus in different cities. As the long distance among different campus, there is more and more management problems emerging, especially in the security management. Previous security management system can no longer adapt to the modern campus.  

Customer Needs and Wants

As a national top university located in Hunan province, Jishou University has two campuses about 40km apart from each. A large numbers of security guards were hired to keep the campus security with each hold a a hand held transceiver for daily communication. A secure communication system was indispensable for mutual communication between two campuses. Thus, a radio communication system should be covered in two campuses and meet the requirement of unified management.


ZASTONE RP600 repeater system can connect two campuses together via a comprehensive communication system consist of a host system and several subsystems. Within the covering area, users can send voice messages or make a call to their counterparts in group or independently. The host communication system can also collect information from it’s subsystems. When there is important activity or any emergency, internet channel in the host system is opening for sending and receiving messages from every hand help repeater. Group reply and call are  available at the same time. In this way, ZASTONE RP600 repeater system achieved unified dispatching management between the campuses.


Maximum 12 hand held repeaters are supported for group communication at the same time. The voice quality is good even there is long distance and obstacles such as trees and buildings between two campuses. Flexible networking features compatible with different network modes, such as local network, remote area network, or the combination of local network and remote network. It is more easier to manage the campus via ZASTONE RP600 repeater system.


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