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D9000 Updated Firmware For "Single" Mode Transmission

  • Updated2018-10-10 09:29:15
  • 简要说明Foe Single Mode Transmission
  • 文件版本For Single Mode Transmission
  • 文件类型RAR


This file is for updating D9000 firmware when encounter with ‘Single’ mode transmission problem. 

In the "Single" mode , it may works when you are press PTT for transmission. But when you release the PTT press,

the transmission still going on without indication( the red indicatior on the right isn't on or  there is nothing display on the screen). 

If you were encounter with above problem, please update the firmware. 


Please read carefully and strictly follow the operation instruction.

Power on the device when updating the firmware, and do not power off untill update finished. 

Plug the USB and the programming cables to the right interface, otherwise, the device may be broken.

If the device is broken due to wrong operation, you may have to resend it to the factory for repair. 


Please visit YouTube and get the operating instruction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNhDl4jcC-s